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A magical new-fangled soda machine June 30, 2012

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Not much new in the wide world of mustard. I need to crack open some of my bottles of newer mustards and do reviews – will do soon! I’ve got a bunch from a recent road trip that are wacky-looking.

I woke up this morning to find that my brother had texted me this picture he took in Wal-Mart. Thanks, bro!

Livin’ in a mustard-lover’s paradise

I absolutely love that I have people now taking photos of mustard in the supermarket LOL! I’d love to get some pictures from you all reading this – this could be the beginning of a weird phenomenon of people who don’t read this blog staring at people all over the world and wondering why they are taking pictures of mustard. I love it.

We had lunch at Fuddrucker’s today, which is always pretty darn delicious. So I had to horrify Schu by getting the mustard going…

Nom nom nom

I actually would have liked a little more mustard but didn’t feel like going back to the condiments bar. As you can see, I also had some mayonnaise. Now, I hope this won’t offend any purists, but while mustard is by FAR my favorite condiment, I do like some others as well. This was just plain yellow mustard but they had a spicy brown one, too.

They also have a super high-tech soda fountain machine with a touch screen and a million kinds of soda. Schu made himself some atrocious mixture of different flavors of Diet Coke that I didn’t even know existed – raspberry, orange, lemon, vanilla. He claimed it tasted good. I’m not buying it but if you come across one of these magical soda fountains, you, too, can make yourself a crazy kamikaze soda – isn’t that what we called them as kids?

Impressed by a soda machine…I am a simple girl. I just Googled it and apparently these machines are called the Coca-Cola Freestyle and have been around since 2009, so probably many of you are wondering where the heck I’ve been for the past 3 years. To be fair, that’s around the same year I stopped drinking soda for the most part. If you’re clueless or curious like me, here’s an interesting article from the about these machines and a video showing how they work. Pretty cool.

Looking forward (for Americans, at least) to a mustard-filled Fourth of July coming up – I’d love to hear from you as to the ways you’ll be incorporating mustard into your holiday, and post some of your pictures of the results! Email at and include anything you’d like in order to give you credit, such as blog url, twitter name, etc.




Nurture over Nature June 25, 2012

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Schu here again, with a few more musings about the evil that is called mustard.

It all happened when I was wee child. I hate to say it, but mom really wasn’t a very good cook, despite all her efforts to tell everyone otherwise. But mom was relentless about certain things, like trying to make me eat eggs, when it was clear I didn’t like eggs. Like trying to make me eat onions, which she would attempt to hide inside these horrible burrito concoctions covered in some unnatural orange sauce that looked more like Doritos than salsa, and then wonder out loud how the onions got there when I picked them out one by one and set them to the side of the plate. No wonder I’m a slow eater, and no wonder I was always the last at the dinner table.

But mustard was mom’s pride and joy. It was everywhere, in every imaginable form, haunting me like a ghost from condiment purgatory. French’s mustard, Gulden’s mustard, designer mustards. If it was mustard, she had it. And I’d see it. And do everything in my power not to eat it, which was not easy because mustard was everywhere.

I was a really, really small kid. As I type this, wrestling with my demons on some blog about mustard, I feel as though I’ve entered a kind of torture-laden therapy session, and I don’t like the flavor.

I don’t know if I realized how unusual mom’s mustard hoarding escapades were until a friend came to the house and checked the refrigerator. At first he noticed a few mustards, and thought that odd, so he started rummaging. And rummaging. And rummaging. It was easy to see the familiar yellow French’s container, and the Gulden’s, and a couple other offshoots, but as the digging continued it was if we discovered the mustard mother lode.

Apparently, mom had a bunch of friends and relatives who liked to send those boxes of cheese and sausages in lieu of fruitcakes that arrive as part of the holiday trove. Incredibly, none of the mustards were the same.

Final count: 18.

Yes, 18 kinds of mustard in one refrigerator. When I laugh really hard, the back of my head hurts. It’s quite painful, actually, so I tend to laugh in small bursts and get it out of my system. I must admit, the discovery of 18 mustards proved pretty damn funny. And symbolically, incredibly painful. That pain has not gone away.

To prove it wasn’t an illusion, a few years later, and in another house, we did a follow-up inventory. The final tally was 16, and the experience was every bit as funny and head-hurtingly unpleasant.

Mom is in transition at the moment, so once we get her moved into her new digs and she gets situated, perhaps that will allow her to stock up again. I would like to hope she’s over her mustard hoarding phase, but even so, the memory of those inhumane experiences are forever etched in my cranium.

Indeed, mustard must die.



Things that make Schu go “ew”: Part 1 June 22, 2012

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See what I did there? Haha, there must be SOMEONE reading this post old enough to remember this. Not the finest example of music in history but sadly, pretty good compared to now. But I digress…

So, besides mustard, Schu hates a lot of other foods. To be fair, I worked in restaurants for many years and his hated foods are very commonly hated foods, some of the most common that patrons would ask to have excluded from their dish. However, he and those other people are wrong, as the foods he dislikes are some of my absolute favorite foods in the world. So, I’m going to post pictures of his most hated foods in order to irritate and gross him out.

Probably coming in on the top of that list: Eggs. I love eggs. I love them in every incarnation. How can you not?

Deviled eggs – maybe my favorite part of Easter dinner

Photo credit: ifood

Yummy runny centers

Photo credit: AdjustToTaste

Denver omelettes

Photo credit: Troy’s Greek

One of my favorite things of all time…and see the mustard?

Photo credit: blogspot

My favorite snack – hard boiled eggs

Photo credit: Yonked

Do you like eggs? If you do, what are some of your favorite ways to eat them? I’d love your recipes either in comments or email at mustardandmiscellany@




Mac and cheese? Yes, please! June 21, 2012

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We had lunch the other day at our favorite local sports bar and watched soccer (or if you’re from practically anywhere other than the U.S., football). I chose mac and cheese as the side to my sandwich and it was delicious….even more so with the addition of some classic yellow mustard. I’d be pretty happy to live on mac and cheese with mustard for the rest of my life, everything from a nice baked one like this to the 4-for-$1.00 boxed mixes with powdered “cheese”.


I need to get my act together and start carrying my camera around – even though it’s only a pretty old point-and-shoot – instead of continuing to post cell phone pics. But I thought this captured the yumminess pretty well.

I know the Canadians like to have ketchup on their Kraft Dinner, but if you’ve never tried mustard, give it a whirl!




A recipe…sort of June 20, 2012

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My dad likes mustard. My dad likes to cook. Like me, my dad likes to cook by throwing things together and not following recipes or measurements. Sometimes these things turn out well, and sometimes they involve mustard. This is one that did both of those things.

My dad came up with this “recipe” probably ten years ago and we all liked it so much that eventually my mom wrote down the basics of it so that it wouldn’t be forgotten over time. So there are no precise measurements, but it’s pretty darn easy to throw together. Comes out a little different every time but is always good. This is not fancy food, but it’s a nice, healthy, cheap dinner that tastes good. I’d imagine kid-friendly, too. Could easily be made gluten-free too because the breading is cornmeal, not flour – just check to make sure the other seasoning mixes are gluten free.

I didn’t intend something this random to be the first recipe on here, but I went over to the parents’ house for dinner on Father’s Day and my mom was making this. When I saw her get out the bottle of French’s yellow mustard, I thought…hmmm.

Printable recipe

One-Pan Mustard Chicken with Vegetables (Feeds 4-6)


  • 2 chicken breasts, cut into bite-size (about one inch) pieces
  • 1 zucchini, cut into bite-size pieces
  • 1/2 yellow onion, diced (don’t worry about it being a fine dice)
  • 3 tomatoes, cut into bite-size pieces
  • 1 can black beans, drained
  • Cornmeal
  • Taco seasoning
  • Lemon pepper seasoning
  • Prepared yellow mustard


  • Bread chicken with mixture of cornmeal, taco seasoning, and lemon pepper seasoning. Here’s where the quantities are up in the air: I’d guess about a cup of cornmeal, a third of a cup taco seasoning, and a third of a cup lemon pepper.
  • Brown chicken in a little bit of olive oil (or whatever oil you fancy) in wok or large frying pan over about medium-high heat. Probably about five minutes cooking time.
  • Add all the other ingredients (and again, I ‘d guess about a third of a cup of the mustard here), stir it all up, cover, and cook until vegetables are tender, stirring occasionally.

This is one of those meals that looks somewhat like a bowl of mush, but honestly, some of my favorite meals are bowls of mush. I would eat this out of a bowl in front of the TV but my parents are proper adults so we used plates and sat at the dining room table. I wasn’t planning to photograph food so I only had my cell phone, but here’s a picture of my plate.

Doesn’t look so pretty but tastes great!

Well, that’s a terrible photograph of a meal that is hard to make look pretty – but try it anyway! Dad did good on this experiment.

Lots of fun posts to come, stay here.




Mustard and Broccoli? Who knew? June 19, 2012

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Well, apparently researchers in Britain knew…that combining broccoli and mustard increases the nutritional quality of both! Apparently cooking broccoli destroys one enzyme that is needed for humans to absorb all of the disease-fighting goodness of broccoli and other dark green vegetables. But mustard has that enzyme, so combining it with broccoli allows your body to get the good stuff out of the broccoli! You can read a more detailed explanation here.

Photo credit: Lifehacker

I’m not the hugest fan of broccoli, although I eat it because it’s good for you – turns out I should have been eating it with mustard, and from now on I will! There are some other food combinations that increase nutrient absorption and don’t involve mustard (for the mustard haters out there) and work really well together, like tomatoes and olive oil. You can read more about them in this article.

Now I want to invent some kind of cheesy broccoli gratin with mustard in the sauce – if you know of one, send me the recipe!




Mustard and Matrimony

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Schu and I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was a really awesome wedding, which isn’t really the point of the story, but is worth mentioning anyway. It was at the local Disabled American Veteran hall and was super casual and low-key with people sitting around card tables, eating  food made by the couples’ nanas and moms. I have to say, I don’t like weddings in general, but this one was really enjoyable! Mostly BECAUSE it wasn’t some ridiculously expensive, overly formal affair, but was just friends and family hanging out and enjoying watching a couple in love get married.

We were sitting before the ceremony chatting with some other guests and I happened to glance over at the tables where the food was all being set up. I tapped Schu on the shoulder and said “Look. On the food table. In front of those crockpots.” And when he saw it, he hung his head in disgust. Face it, Schu, you cannot escape the power of…

Good old store brand yellow mustard – love it!

I made him take that picture because I was embarrassed to be stared at by the wedding guests taking a picture of mustard. Interestingly, no one even seemed to notice what he was doing or stare at him. But he did take another picture of the mustard…evidently staring at the wedding guests

Creepy? A little

Who thinks to take a picture from the mustard’s point of view? Oh yeah, Schu. It’s actually taken exactly from the angle at which the mustard would be staring at Schu’s empty seat (I’m sitting next to that empty seat, trying to look like ‘I don’t know the person taking pictures of mustard” but instead I look all herpy derpy).

I like to think that this is how Schu imagines the mustard – sitting, staring, plotting…

Cheers (and many years of happiness to the newlyweds),