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Things that make Schu go “ew”: Part 3 July 13, 2012

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Today we have a food that makes Schu shudder…

Photo credit: Urban Farmer

This just blows my mind. Onions aren’t even really a food, per se, they are an essential base of cooking practically everything. Most things I cook start with sauteed onions. They add so much flavor to everything, are cheap, low calorie, and good for you! Last summer I was obsessed with ham sandwiches with caramelized onions (cook the onions in the crockpot  overnight for ease and to wake up to the best-smelling house in the world)…with mustard, of course. When onions are super cheap at the store, I’ll buy a big bag, roast them whole in the oven, and just eat them with a little salt and pepper as a snack or side dish. When I was little, my dad and I would eat raw green onions dipped in salt as a snack.

But no, not for Schu. Now, to be fair, he is fairly reasonable when it comes to his dislike of onions. He prefers his food without onions, but if it is impossible, he works with it as best he can. If an item can be ordered without the onions, he will do so, but if they are an inherent part of the dish, he doesn’t get ridiculous with demands. We eat a LOT of Mexican food and, for example, he will eat the salsa which obviously always has onions in it.  I have seen him eat Mexican rice and leave a pile of tiny, picked out onions behind on the plate. But once I forgot about his hatred of onions and mentioned that I had roasted a bunch of them to eat whole and his face was…classic.

I’ll never understand, though, how anyone could hate a food that is so important in cooking, both as a seasoning and a stand-alone food. Some of the best ways to use them…

Gosh, I haven’t had French onion soup in way too long

Photo credit: TheDailyDish

Yummy onion rings

Photo credit:

Love caramelized onions on EVERYTHING

Photo caption:

What they call in Detroit “Coney Dogs” AKA Schu’s nightmare = chili, mustard, and raw onions on a hot dog

Photo credit:

What about all of you out there – onions as an essential cooking ingredient or something to be avoided at all costs? Let me know in the comments!




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