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A Very Mustard Gift Guide December 18, 2012

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Years ago, I read that one of the rules of blogging is to never start a post with “Sorry I haven’t blogged recently, I’ve been soooo busy yadda yadda yadda” and yet here I am doing it. Sorry I haven’t blogged recently! Things have just felt…busy. But 2013 is going to be a busy year, so I better get my multi-tasking butt in gear because I love this blog and am going to keep it up. So don’t give up on me, check back here often, okay?

If you are doing last-minute Christmas shopping for the mustard lover in your life, I’ve got some good stuff for you today!


This is a kids’ hoodie but they have it in adult sizes, too

Photo credit: Cafepress


This comes with short sleeves, too, but I just like long-sleeved tees

Photo credit: Cafepress


I love this, love the mustard-colored heart

Photo credit: Cafepress


Cute and clever

Photo credit: Cafepress


This is so cute – comes in your choice of a pillowcase or a duvet cover! I feel like a jerk for pointing this out, but it would drive me nuts that “viniger” is mis-spelled.


A bumper sticker for me, yay!

Photo credit: Cafepress


A bumper sticker for Schu, boo!

Photo credit: CafepressPhoto credit: Cafepress


This is a jewelry box but the image should be my personal logo…Cinco de MUSTARD is my birthday!

Photo credit: Cafepress

But I guess the best gift for a mustard lover would be…MUSTARD! I’d be darn pleased to receive any of these…

mustard bucketPhoto credit: Amazon

Michigan basketPhoto credit: Amazon

mustard loversPhoto credit: Amazon