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We saw the Wienermobile! November 21, 2012

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Yep, the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile was in my city! Anyone remember when I posted a pic of Schu in front of the Wienermobile before…here? Well, I got ridiculously excited about seeing it again so last week I dragged Schu and our friend Nate down to a Walmart parking lot on a gorgeous sunny day and there it was…

They had the nicest people working there who told us about the Wienermobile – turns out the one we saw this summer was the 1952 version! – and made us nametags…

…we got to check out the inside

They are back seats also that are super comfortable and a sweet flat-screen TV on the wall. We kind of wanted to move in.  It seems like a pretty good gig for the nice young people (I feel like a grandmother typing that, but it’s what they are!) who get the jobs driving this thing around the country doing marketing. Wish I was younger, I’d totally want to do this. They couldn’t have been nicer, and you should follow them on twitter to see when they’ll be in your area @Wienermobile. I’d love to hear if you go see them!

Happy Thanksgiving to the American readers (or as the Wienermobile kids would say, Happy FRANKSgiving…you think I’m kidding, but I’m not). I hope you have a lovely and relaxing day. I think our menu is going to be quite devoid of mustard but I love Thanksgiving food regardless and am looking forward to seeing family and friends this weekend. I’ll post some new mustard recipes soon!




Let’s get the mustard parties started! July 20, 2012

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(Now, of course, I have this song in my head. But I digress.)

Did you know there is National Mustard Museum? You didn’t? Well, you’ve been missing out, especially if you live or travel near Middleton, Wisconsin. And if you get to go there, I’ll be SO ENVIOUS. Because I haven’t been there…yet. The museum features over 5400 mustards from 70 different countries and has exhibits about the history of mustard, according to their own website and this article.  The owner of the museum, Barry Levenson is quoted as saying “I’ve always liked mustard but I’ve gone from having a healthy preoccupation with it to be being totally delusional.” I can’t imagine how that could happen. Not at all.

I suspect I could drop a year’s salary in their shop, and even without visiting I may end up doing so since they sell a ton of mustards and other goodies in their online store. Look at this international sampler:

I know what I’m asking for this Christmas!

Photo credit: National Mustard Museum

But as much as I’d love to visit this museum in general, I’d really love to go for their annual Mustard Festival, which is held in honor of National Mustard Day, the first Saturday of August every year. This looks like so much fun!

Photo credit: National Mustard Museum

They serve up Oscar Mayer hot dogs – with mustard, of course – Klement’s brat sliders, and even mustard flavored frozen custard from Culver’s! I’d love to try that. There will be live music, mustard tastings, games and contests, and even an appearance by the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

…which, by the way, I have a picture of Schu standing in front of at another location. Photographic proof that he’s a closet mustard lover *insert evil laugh*

His head doesn’t actually look like that…he has a little more hair in real life

Back on topic – if you are anywhere near Middleton, Wisconsin on August 4th, 2012, I think you owe it to yourself to go to this festival. You can learn more by following the Museum on Twitter @MustardMuseum.

However, if you live a little further northwest (and across the border into Canada), you can attend the Great Saskatchewan Mustard Festival in Regina on September 16th, 2012.

Photo credit: GSK Mustard Festival Facebook Page

Who knew Saskatchewan is the world’s largest mustard exporter, with about 2700 producers? Now you and I do! This sounds like a great event, featuring local chefs being judged as they show off their talents using mustard to create unique dishes. Live music, kids’ activities, and hot dog eating contests, all along Wascana Lake – sounds like a perfect day. Learn more about this festival by following @GSKMustardFest on Twitter.

Someday I’ll make it to these events. Not this summer, and I don’t know about next summer, but…someday. A girl has to have her dreams.